Clothing for the foreign traders and native americans were based on different time periods
The traders are as follows: French (1650), British (1764), Americans (1820).
Trade Items
Below are the items you are trading for in the game.
Animal Trap, Axe, Beads, Brass Kettle, Cloth, Gun Powder, Liquor, Musket, Wool Blanket
Animals for Trapping
Pelts before and after, Beaver, Raccoon, Muskrat and grass and splash effects for when caught
Used for the Trapping and Trading sections of the game. The trading background (right) has a parallaxing background.
App Icon
Uses for the iPad version of the game. Besides the installation in the museum the only other ways to play it is on or download it for free from the iTunes App store (iPads only).
Wildcard Events
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